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#1 Ghost Tour℠ is Savannah's Original Online Self-Guided Ghost Tour for your PHONE. The Tour includes Over 50 Haunted Places & Savannah's BEST Ghost Stories. All haunted places are in the downtown Historic District of Savannah, Georgia.

#1 Ghost Tour is actually 3 tours in one. Each tour has a separate online map. Tours are about 1 to 3 miles in length, and can be walked in just a few hours, depending on your chosen speed. A bonus Twilight Tour is also included for an evening walking ghost tour for the fearless Ghost Hunters. The Twilight Tour contains a selection of the locations from the other 3 main tours.

The Ghost Tour Locations, Photos, and Online Maps, are free to all Ghost Hunters. Membership unlocks the hidden Ghost Stories, with complete details, and haunted images. Tour membership allows instant total access for 14 days.

Many of the ghost stories have been told for over 100 years. We strive to tell the stories the way we think they were originally told. Our staff is available 5 days per week to assist in any way we can, including help with any questions. This tour is rated PG-13 and is not recommended for young children. The free public areas are all tame, educational, and entertaining; however, the Members-Only ghost stories are the real deal, with ghostly images, and mature talk of actual murders, suicides, tragic accidents, violent events, and such.

If you get too scared, don't forget to breathe. These ghost stories are shocking and frightening, and will make you gasp. #1 Ghost Tour is also filled with historical facts and information about historic Savannah, Georgia which was founded nearly 300 years ago in 1733 and was the first settlement in the State of Georgia. Warning: There are many ghosts in Savannah. #1 Ghost Tour suggests that you never walk the streets of Savannah alone at night.


#1 Ghost Tour℠ includes visits to 50 Haunted Places
All locations are in Savannah's downtown Historic District.

Locations are divided among THREE (3) fun & easy Self-Guided Tours.

Tour A
City Hall to Forsyth Park
Scary Squares on Bull St
1 Mile

Tour B
Forsyth Pk to Reynolds Sq
Cemetery Areas
1 Mile

Tour C
On & Near River Street
River Area
2.5 Miles

Visit These
Haunted Places

Haunted Houses:

Scarbrough, Willink, Lillibridge, 432 Abercorn, Mercer, Andrew Low, Sorrel-Weed, Green-Meldrim, Davenport, Juliette Gordon Low birthplace, and Owens-Thomas

Haunted Dining:

(Yes, You can actually enjoy a meal at these places) Moon River, Husk, McDonoughs, Olde Pink House, B.Mathews, Pirates House, Garibaldi's, and Molly MacPhearson

Haunted Lodging:

(Links and Info is provided to actually book a room) Foley Inn, DeSoto Hotel, Eliza Thompson Inn, Forsyth Park Inn, Gastonian, Hamilton-Turner, 1790 Inn, Kehoe Inn, Marshall House Hotel, Planters Inn, Brice, and Olde Harbour Inn

Haunted Spots:

Cluskey Tombs, Pulaski Grave, Stairs of Death, Lucas Theatre, Savannah Theatre, First African Baptist Church, Forsyth Park, Tomochichi's Grave, Jewish Burial Plot, Former Pulaski Hotel, Cathedral of St John, Emmet Park, Morrell Park, Colonial Cemetery, Pour Larry's Pub, City Market, and Abe's Pub

Haunted Squares:

Madison, Johnson, Wright, Reynolds, Echo, and Ellis

Haunted Museums:

Low Birthplace, Sorrel-Weed, Green-Meldrim, Mercer-Williams, Andrew Low, Owens-Thomas, Davenport, Scarbrough Ships of the Sea

#1 Ghost Tour

Hear Savannah's Most Famous Ghost Stories

Rene Asche Rondolier's Ghost -*- Ghosts of Alice Riley and her Baby James -*- Ghost of Richard White -*- The Crazy Doctor -*- Ghost of Anna the Young Irish Girl -*- Ghost of Toby the Slave Boy -*- Girl in White -*- Little Gracie's Ghost -*- Ghosts of General Nathanael Greene and His Sons -*- Ghost of Tomochichi the Indian Chief -*- Ghost of the Murderous Actor -*- Ghosts of the Habershams -*- Ghosts of the Murdered -*- Ghosts of Killers -*- Ghosts of Duelists -*- Ghosts that Made a Deal with You Know Who -*- Ghosts of the Shanghied -*- Ghosts of Those Found Hanging -*- Jewish Ghosts -*- The Powerful Voodoo Ghost -*- Ghosts in the Kitchen -*- Suicide Ghosts -*- Family Ghosts -*- Ghost of the Pipe-Smoking Colonel -*- Ghosts of Innocents -*- Yellow Fever Ghosts -*- Lurking Ghosts -*- Laughing Ghosts -*- The Ghostly Groundskeeper -*- The Italian Ghosts -*- A Ghost in the Attic -*- The Ghost of a Cat -*- Loving Couple Ghosts -*- Indian Ghosts -*- Ghost Bride of Forsyth Park -*- Ghosts of the 13th Colony -*- The Prankster Ghost -*- A Talented Ghost -*- The Clown Ghost -*- Ghosts of the Secret Tunnels -*- Ghosts of River Street -*- Ghost of a Fireman -*- Wally's Ghost -*- The Ghost of Pardon -*- Ghost of Susie King Taylor -*- Ghost of the Impaled Hunter
... and more.

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